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Proposal to combat Covid2019 with Ayurvedic system

Name of the proposal: Ayurveda to cure Covid2019

Purpose: Saving the lives by winning Covid2019 effectively with available Ayurvedic antioxidants and medicines. Controlling the spread of pandemic outbreak of Covid-2019.

Problem: Unavailability of Vaccine and specific medicaments in modern system of medicine against Covid2019 virus. Effective preventive medicines are not available in modern system in case of Covid2019.

Why this Proposal: Ayurvedic system is able very effectively to combat present strain of deadly corona virus at two levels – 1- Preventive level, 2- Curative level.

Principle of combating the virus: Ayurveda believes in priority to preventive measures especially in the communities which are prone to infection, by suggesting herbal antioxidants available in all the Indian kitchens. Since covid2019 severely infects the alveoli of the lungs causing breathing difficulties and cellular suffocation especially in the victims having the history of smoking and pneumonia like respiratory disorders. The condition may become worst in the patients suffering from DM, cardiac disorders, hypertension and chronic renal disorders. So the specific and symptomatic treatments are suggested as per individual case.

Ayurvedic protocol: includes-

(A)           At preventive level: Along with the practices of social distancing and scientific untouchability, it includes use of immuno stimulants, and fumigation in home and working places, viz –
1-   Gargling with hot decoction made of turmeric, dry ginger, and glycyrrhiza glabra added with salt twice daily to prevent the virus to be active. The practice can be repeated every time after returning home from the market or outer sides.
2-   Eye washing:  with normal decoction made of turmeric and glycurrhiza glabra twice daily to prevent the virus to be active. The practice can be repeated every time after returning home from the market or outer sides.  
3-   Use of fresh lemon (half cut piece of average size) juice mixed with hot water to improve cellular metabolism and mitochondrial functions, is proposed to take twice or thrice a day.  
4-   Use of homemade antioxidants: as to serve immunity enhancing, prophylactic and antiviral purposes. The proposed homemade antioxidant is composed of Illicium verum (Star anise), Piper nigrum (black piper), Syzygium aromaticum (clove) and Cinnamomnm zelanicum (cinnamon) in equal quantity. Three grams of this powder is proposed to take twice daily mixed with honey or can be taken with lukewarm water.
5-   Anti geriatric medication for general debility: Since the old persons are more prone to this viral infection, some additional medicines are proposed to cure general debility including (a) Tab Immusante (Himalaya) 1 tab twice daily and (b) anti geriatric compound made of Tinospora cordifolia (सत्व गिलोय) 500mg + Glycyrrhiza glabra (यष्टीमधु) 500 mg + त्रिफला 1 gm + Asparagus racemosus (शतावरी चूर्ण) 1 gm + Withania somnifera (अश्वगंधा चूर्ण) 1 grm + काशीश भस्म 100 mg in each dose, proposed to take twice daily mixed with honey. The anti geriatric effects of these herbs are well known in Ayurvedic treatises and practiced well across the country.
6-   Fumigation: As the transition periods of day and night and seasons are more suitable for the microbes to be active, traditional fumigation with herbal medicines are proposed to disinfectant the home, quarantine rooms and the working places every morning and evening. The proposed compound for effective fumigation is traditional and easily available includes resin of Commiphora mukul (गुग्गुल), Seeds of Sesamum indicum (कृष्ण तिल),  seeds of Hordeum vulgare (barley seeds, यव), Jaggery (गुड़), cow ghee, dried panchang of Swertia chirayita (चिरायता) and Achyranthes aspera (अपामार्ग), Dried leaves of azadyrachta indica (नीम), dried twigs of Magnifera indica (आम्र) and Calotropis procera (मदार). 

(B)           Curative level: includes specific and symptomatic medication.
1-   In case of flue like symptoms and dry cough  - a composition made of विषाणभस्म 125 मिग्रा. + मल्लसिंदूर 100 मिग्रा. + प्रवाल पिष्टी 100 मिग्रा. + रूदंती फल चूर्ण 1 ग्राम + लक्ष्मीविलास रस नारदीय 250 मिग्रा. + त्रिभुवनकीर्ति रस 125 मिग्रा. + चंद्रकला रस 250 मिग्रा. + त्रिकटु चूर्ण 1 ग्राम in each dose is proposed to take three times a day with lukewarm water.
2-   In case of fever  - Tab Nirocil (Solumiks pharmacy) 2 BD + महासुदर्शन घन वटी 2BD is proposed to take with Lukewarm water. A mixture of अमृतारिष्ट and मुस्तकारिष्ट each 15 ml is also proposed to take twice daily mixed with equal quantity of lukewarm water.
3-   In case of history of cardiac disorders - Tab Abana (Himalaya) 2 BD + हृदयार्णव रस 1 BD + नागार्जुनाभ्र रस 1 BD are also proposed along with other appropriate medicines specific for the cardiac problems whatever be.
4-   If the patient is suffering from DM  - Tab BGR-34 + Tab Neem (Himalaya) each 2 BD are proposed to add in the schedule.
5-   In case of history of Asthma or pulmonary/ bronchial pneumonia - श्वास कुठार रस 2 Tabs thrice a day along with leave juice of Piper betel is proposed to add in the schedule.
Availability of proposed herbs and medicines: Easily available at Ayurvedic medical stores all over the India.
Specialty of the Ayurvedic medication: 
1-   Antiviral effects of Andrographis panniculata (one of the ingredients of महासुदर्शन घन वटी) and Phyllanthus urinaria have been proved.
2-   Proposed medicines and herbs are well known in their respective pharmacological effects and have been practiced since long in British India, Tibet and Shri Lanka,
3-   No side effects of proposed medicines are reported so far since long.
Expected results:  
1-   Pandemic outbreak of corona virus would be controlled effectively.
2-   Treatment of the symptoms appeared following the viral infection would be ensue very effectively.
3-   Effective curative treatment would be established to credit ancient knowledge of India.

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